Updates of Jonze

Updates of Jonze

New features & updates for Jonze


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In April, I launched Jonze, a member management tool for school organizations. Due to finals and graduation, I had to pause feature development. Since graduation, I'm happy to announce that I have polished a few things and released new features.

All features share the same goal: reducing the steps needed to understand important member information. With that in mind, I am excited to announce managed memberships, event tags, member filtering, webhooks, and a roadmap.

Managed Memberships

Many campus organizations get their initial cash flow for the year through paid memberships, which can be hard to track. People often pay through various providers like CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, and others. With managed memberships, Jonze helps by creating a payment page that accepts card payments and wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Once someone pays, their membership tier is updated immediately. Managed memberships are optional, so you can still manually change the user's tier and payment provider if needed.

Event Tags

Every organization is unique. It could be social, academic, creative, or a mix of many types. For organizations with different types of events, just looking at overall event metrics isn't helpful. You might have smaller, close-knit events alongside larger ones. You might want to tag the first event of each semester to compare semester-to-semester. That's why we've introduced event tags. When creating or updating an event, you can now attach an unlimited number of tags that can be filtered on the events page.

Member Filtering

Before now, the members page was just a view-only window into member information, but now it's much more. Jonze only collects Name and Email information about users. Want more details? By creating a "User Info" form, you can require all members to provide additional information (such as NetID, Phone Number, Discord username) when they sign up. You can filter members based on their responses to this information. Additionally, you can filter by the membership status of a member, so you always have an accurate list of your paid members.


This is where it gets a bit technical. Some organizations have webmasters or tech committees dedicated to managing their website and supporting technologies. You might want to handle some events downstream, like having a Discord Bot notify the server of a new member or creating a point/reward system for member attendance. The possibilities are endless. You can now create webhook endpoints that can subscribe to any event in your organization. API Keys let you perform actions in Jonze, and Webhooks let Jonze perform actions in your system.


Up until now, I never had a clear roadmap for feature development. Something would just pop into my head, and I wouldn't sleep until I finished it (Webhooks ๐Ÿ˜ญ). Now, at the roadmap page, anyone can see all the features I have planned for release and their expected timelines. I'll do my best to keep it up-to-date (I really need to remove Event Tagging ๐Ÿ˜…).


Here are some features that didn't quite need their own section. Event & Member Export lets you, well... export your data in CSV format if you need to run other things or share it with key stakeholders. Calendar View lets you see your events in a calendar format if that's more your style, with embedded calendar support coming soon.

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